Maternity Treatment

Maternity ServicesFreedom Healthcare Services treats pregnant patients who have an opioid addiction. Initially, pregnant patients who contact FHS are advised that methadone maintenance treatment is the FDA approved form of treatment for an opiate addicted pregnant woman.

Our second option for a pregnant patient is Subutex treatment. This form of treatment allows the patient to have the flexibility of a take home prescription and helps stabilize her craving for opiates. FHS provides each pregnant patient on Subutex with individualized psychotherapy services and coordinates her treatment during pregnancy.

  • A patient receives referral information for pre-natal care through Magee-Womens Hospital UPMC or can seek treatment with her own OB/GYN or midwife. A patient also receives educational information developed by staff discussing drug use and pregnancy.
  • Patients are asked to sign releases of information for her OB/GYN/midwife so that FHS staff may coordinate care in order to monitor patient’s pregnancy closely.
  • Nursing staff completes a monthly update with the patient until the ninth month and then begins weekly updates until birth.
    Medical staff informs the patient that upon admission to the hospital, the hospital should call FHS to confirm patient’s information in order to have continuity of care.

Freedom Healthcare Services ensures that each female patient is fully informed of the risk to her and her unborn child from continued use of illicit drugs. FHS educates patients on potential risks from use or withdrawal from a narcotic drug which is administered and or dispensed as part of their comprehensive maintenance treatment or detoxification treatment.