Vivitrol is Naltrexone

At Freedom Healthcare Services, we believe that the process of recovery can be aided with the use of Vivitrol® (Naltrexone), an extended release injection. Vivitrol® is an antagonist, it attaches to the opioid receptor but does not cause the release of dopamine and it creates a barrier that blocks the opioid molecule from attaching to the receptor. This medication is non-addictive and will not lead to any physical withdrawal. To begin Vivitrol® you must be detoxed from all substances. Vivitrol® allows our medical and clinical teams to customize a course of treatment for the patient.

Through counseling the issues that may have contributed to the addiction, such as depression, anxiety, trauma or other psycho-social factors can be processed. By combining Vivitrol® with our counseling program, patients have effectively been treated and achieved a drug free lifestyle. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 412-221-1091.